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Innovative Title Services is a full service title insurance company offering lenders, brokers and real estate professionals a complete range of residential and commercial real estate title and closing services throughout the State of Florida. We also offer a full spectrum of escrow services, from Builder Escrows, Bulk Sales, Commercial/Land/Industrial, Re-sales, and Refinance transactions.


Our experienced escrow officers and closing specialists are well trained in real estate procedures, title insurance, taxes, deeds and insurance. Our primary role as your title insurance and escrow company is to perform the necessary steps before your real estate transaction is settled so that you do not encounter any problems after the transaction is closed.

Title Escrow Services Include:

  • Act as your escrow agent so your money is handled safely and professionally.

  • Distribute your funds at real estate closing.

  • Review the title and clear any title defects.

  • Insure that you are getting a title that is "free and clear" at your real estate closing.

  • Calculate any prorations for your taxes and/or Homeowner Association assessments.

  • Payoff any back liens on your property

  • Conduct a prompt-professional real estate closing.

  • Sit down with you and fully explain the closing documents.

  • Record your documents and issue the applicable title insurance policies.

  • Find potential problems and work to solve them.


Short Sales/Loss Mitigation

As today’s real estate market continues to change, short sale transactions have become more common. As a successful real estate professional you may have explored the idea of taking on this type of listing.  However, your time is limited and short sale transactions can be time consuming and difficult to close.

This is why Innovative Title Services and our staff of dedicated professionals have partnered with Lenti Law P.A. to work with you and your clients to gather pertinent information, package the information per the lenders instructions, submit the information to the lender on the seller’s behalf and work to achieve contract approval from the lender.  In addition, upon approval, Innovative Title Services will continue to work closely with the buyer, the buyer’s Realtor and the buyer’s lender to ensure the transaction closes in a smooth and timely manner.

  • A free initial consultation to determine if a Short Sale is a viable option.

  • Gather all required financial information.

  • Package all information per lender’s requirements.

  • Monitor buyer’s side to ensure timely closing.

  • Provide full title searches to ensure all liens are submitted and disclosed to lender initially.

  • Review all documents prior to submission making sure everything is right and stacked properly.

We invite you to contact a representative to learn more about our services by calling: 407-332-8111 M-F 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST.

If you’d like to email us a title order, send to 

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